At first thought fundraising can be intimidating and feel like a big project to take on. We broke it down for you so that you can take fundraising head on one step at a time! It’s easy and fun to get together with a group of your friends, family, or coworkers and raise proceeds for a meaningful cause! With a little bit of creativity and imagination any activity you may already enjoy doing can be turned into a fundraiser!

Choose a project with your group members and set a goal. Choosing a project is easy when you start a chapter, and all costs are listed in project descriptions. You can decide on your group’s reach and pick the project that works for you!

Brainstorm activities you enjoy doing day to day, and think of ways to turn them into fundraisers! People are ready to help a great cause you just need to lead them to it. By finding interactive ways to fundraise you can boost your donations, while showing the impact your project will make. This will not only be fun and engaging for your chapter, but also for your donors.

Spreading the word is the best way to get donations and interest in your campaign! You get to crowdfund right from this page, so share the link on social media with friends, family, and co-workers.

Now you’re ready to start fundraising!